Saturday, August 16, 2008

Glenn Campbell Suppressed on Dreamland Resort

Ah, it's just like the old days! We've been back in operation for less than a week, and already we've been suppressed!

Since we went to sleep a decade ago, the premiere website for Area 51 information has been -- a highly credible site with lots of good information. It even includes a discussion board where authorized members can post their own comments and discuss current affairs.

But now all discussion of Glenn Campbell has been banned by the moderator.

Oooo, this is TOO good! We started our blog on Aug. 11, and on Aug. 12 someone posted a message to that effect on the discussion board: "Glenn Campbell is Back!"

There were several messages in reply, seemingly innocuous enough, but by the end of the following day, the moderator "Hank" decided that enough was enough. "I would appreciate no further posts to the Glen Campbell thread." This was seconded by the webmaster "Joerg" who wrote: "And I am sure he does not mind some free advertisement in this forum. We generally try to avoid this. Thanks!"

When someone asked why Glenn Campbell had been banned, Joerg wrote back: "Because Hank is the moderator and he said so. End of discussion."

So now Glenn Campbell can't be mentioned on what purports to be the premiere Area 51 forum. Apparently, he is seen as a commercial opportunist just out to make money. (It should be noted that the Dreamland Resort website itself is chock-a-bloc full of advertizing for cars, hotels, dating services, etc.)

The original Interceptors always TRIED to be all-inclusive. There were no real admission criteria; you just had to give yourself a code name and show up at our events. Now the new guys on the block are saying that the old guys (call us the "Grays") don't deserve to be mentioned or included in any discussion of Area 51.

Not that we mind having opponents! Why should we fight the government when internecine warfare is so much more fun? GUFON hasn't shown up so far, and no one knows what happened to CHUCKIE or SEAN DAVID MORTON, so we were worried for a while that no one would care enough to put us down. Now we see that our fears were unfounded.

Suppression is good for the soul -- just the sort of thing to breath life back into Psychospy! (Looking we're even lapsing back into the second person.)

We love the smell of napalm in the morning!

(BTW: ANYONE is free to post comments on this blog. You just have to have a free Google account -- which almost everyone has anyway. As long as your comments are relevant to the discussion and not obscene, we won't suppress them.)


  1. to ban is to fear

  2. I see that Peter Merlin posted to suggest to Joerg that his banning of Glenn Campbell is not productive.

    Knowing that Peter is a major player, Joerg weaseled his way back in response.

    Yet I am banned. I was the one who asked "why" [is GC discussion banned].

    That Joerg has a lot of class.


  3. Psycho:

    Alas my friend, no arch-nemesis at DLR. I know how badly you wanted this, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The Good Merlin gave an impassioned plea for sanity and Jorge capitulated – I do like Hand’s mention of you being the Steven Colbert of A51, which fits nicely!

    Maybe you could drive to Gufon’s house and ask him if he wants to fight? Then we could REALLY relive the ‘90’s…


  4. Hey! Let's all just drive to Rachel. Several of the DLR team live there.

    We should each donate twenty bucks to help the team pay rent.

    Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

  5. Zero, your username name fits nicely!

  6. I think Hank is an OK guy, but I suspect Joerg isn't. He really doesn't like folks on his forum to be as smart as him unless their views fall exactly into line with his own, so that narrows it down quite a bit.

    Gary (aka LoneWolf), John (aka JB737 or LASTNX ...namely me), Craig (aka Lumpy) etc. got suppressed just like Glenn. I was booted off 2 or 3 times before I gave up on DLR. Their claim that almost nobody gets booted, and that it is normally only for f-word profanity etc, is a total lie.

    Your "Chuckie" (aka Chuck) isn't banned, but he steers far clear of expressing his full opinions and first-hand observations, otherwise he'd be gone too. Your "Hand" (aka Tom) has views less out of line with Joerg's, but he keeps a low profile there anyway. Likewise, Peter normally sticks narrowly to his delegated topic, though I'm happy to hear that he stuck up for you as a fellow original Interceptor.