Monday, August 11, 2008

Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II: A Memorial

In memory of Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II of Draconis, a "being of light" who I had the good fortune to meet, I wrote a short screenplay in his honor (8 pages)...

Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II was an apparently sentient and corporeal being who I met in Rachel (shown above). Here is a news article on his demise. (Obviously, I took some creative liberties.)

I have a few other short screenplays, several concerning Area 51. They are found here.

You might find a little about the Ambassador with a Google search. He was mentioned in the New York Times article and in the Dreamland Chronicles. Does anyone have any recollections of the Ambassador they care to share?


  1. I remember I was visiting you in your extensive and luxurious Area 51 Research Center in beautiful downtown Rachel probably in 1973 maybe? And Merlyn knocked at the door, tall, all dressed in black. We thought he was a Jehovah Witness or a Bible saleman or something. And as I recall, he was the III'rd not the II'nd. You can't get that kind of entertainment on TV. :-)

  2. 1973 would be a timewarp, but 1993 is possible. I remember seeing this guy on my doorstep holding a book in front of him, and I joked, "Oh, a Bible salesman." Turns it, it WAS a Bible! Merlin gave me his "Being of Light" spiel for quite some time, in the presence of Paul and his associate. I tried to pin him down on specifics, but couldn't get any. Turns out he didn't actually remember anything about Draconis. Darn!

  3. This guy starved himself to death because he thought his body could feed off the air. He was interviewed multiple times during a Roswell UFO documentary. At the end of the documentary, the director followed up by saying that Merline had starved himself to death and his body was found behind a utility shed of some kind. I believe this Merlin character meant no harm, but was mentally ill in some way. Who in their right mind would starve themselves to death and believe their body could 'feed' off the air?

    1. Doesn't surprise me. There was a cult that claimed that same thing and called themselves Breatharians

  4. Sad to hear this, because I remember reading a book back in the day about AREA 51 and this bunch. I even recall seeing his name and picture in it, the "Ambassador". I think the book was Area 51 The Dreamland Chronicles.

  5. Watching a movie on Amazon Prime that he is in. Its about the Area 51 Bob Lazar event. Beautiful country out there.

  6. He was interviewed in the film documentary, "Alien Highway."