Friday, August 22, 2008

EG&G Security Manual

We can't legitimately say we are "back" without publishing some sort of security manual. Fortunately, one such document turned up on our doorstep a few days ago. It is a security manual for EG&G, the private contractor that (last we heard) runs Area 51 for the Air Force. It is dated 31 March 2000 and is 92 pages long. We haven't done more that skim though it, but we offer it to our readers to analyze as they wish...

If you find anything interesting in it, give us a report.

And here's another document that arrived on our doorstep in the same wicker basket. It's an internal newsletter (11 pages) of the private range operator...

We are still a bit rusty on this, but "JT3" is the company name that appears on the Las Vegas office building that we previously associated with EG&G Special Projects at Area 51. (Our 1996 visit there was recorded in Desert Rat #35.) Here is their company website, and a screenshot is below.

Does any of this excite us? Not terribly. This is more the realm of the black world data collectors. We are happy to pass along the information, but it's not primarily what we do.

Give us more aliens! More freaks!

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  1. Note the address "2920 North Green Valley Parkway." This is in Henderson. LMCO, aka Lockheed Martin, has been flying Pilatus PC-12s out of Henderson and North Las Vegas. Tail numbers N146PC and N623BA. N623BA landed at Groom Lake on Thursday, August 21, 2008. shows an early morning flight to Groom Lake (though filed to land at Beatty). The flight I docuemted was later in the day and does not appear on flightaware.