Friday, April 26, 2013

Bob Lazar's Area 51 UFO talk in 1993

Probably the highlight of my experiences at Area 51 was watching Bob Lazar answer questions at the Ultimate UFO Seminar on May 1, 1993. Although circumstantial evidence suggests he is a fraud, I am still awed by his performance.

Today, someone drew my attention to a video of Lazar's talk (above). The 1½-hour video was uploaded in 2011, but I wasn't aware of it until now. (Although the video is labelled as 1991, I know it was May 1, 1993, because I was there.) It makes me remember just how convincing Lazar was—and still is! I am less interested in Element 115 and the claimed details of the alien craft than in his emotional authenticity throughout this free-form Q&A session. Whatever question you threw at him, he had an authentic sounding answer, including expressing skepticism about most other UFO claims. If nothing else, this was one of the best acting performances in history! If he is lying, I don't understand how he did it. This is far better than any Hollywood actor could do.

The talk went on for close to two hours. (It was interrupted in the middle for a UFO sighting—a balloon or floating piece of paper in the sky— but most of that is edited out of this video.) The two-day was held under a tent in the open air outside the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada. There were 100 or more people in attendance, including several reporters. The event was recorded on audio tapes, and now I know it was recorded on video.

(Update 5/5/13: Here is another newly-uploaded video of Lazar's talk. It is better quality but edited down to an hour.)

I stood transfixed at the back of the tent. I asked no questions, but I drank everything in. Later, with considerable time and effort, I transcribed Lazar's whole presentation, working from the audio tapes. Here is the full transcript. Hopefully, it should match what you see in the video above. I figured the transcript was the first step to investigating Lazar's claims.

Once I had the transcript, I investigated the only thing I had the means to: Lazar's claimed educational credentials at  MIT and Caltech. Here are the results of my investigation, showing pretty clearly that Lazar never went to MIT as he claimed he did. (Sure, the government could have suppressed his educational credentials but not every professor or classmate he had.) The only conclusion is that he lied about MIT, and if he lied about that, how could you believe anything else he said.

A few years later, after gaining more experience with the characters and environment around Area 51, I published my most rational theory about Lazar, which I called Lazar Theory #1. If I had to bet me life on anything, that's the conclusion I would choose. (Also see my general position on UFOs.)

Still, since I don't have to bet my life on anything, the Lazar performance of 1993, and all his previous appearances before that, still mystifies me. If it is a lie, how did he do it?

The story was further enhanced by the appearance of Bill Uhouse around 1995. (He is now deceased.) Uhouse basically supported Lazar's claims but from a different angle, like two people working on different details of the same project. Uhouse's claim is that he worked on simulators to train pilots to fly flying saucers. When Uhouse spoke, he was a rambling old man, but like Lazar, his claims had all the relaxed authenticity of  someone who was really there.

It is important to state that I would not trust Lazar or Uhouse today. Both men were caught in verifiable lies in the non-UFO realm. Both were immoral characters, and if I met either one again, I would want to get away from them as quickly as possible. Having had experience with both, I know both were capable of lying and using others. Even so, I still don't know how they were capable of pulling off such complex, subtle and internally consistent lies. Watch the video above, and you'll see what I mean.


  1. I think Bob Lazar is probably telling the truth. Our corrupt government is clearly capable of falsifying information (start with 9/11..), so trying to ruin Bob's reputation is child's play. Look at WitSec's capabilities, if you want to hide someone's identity, cover their historical background, etc.

    Secondly, you are right in that he speaks with the ease and confidence of someone educated in Physics at the Master's level. And how do we KNOW he didn't attend MIT? If that is a lie, it could be ego-insecurity-based "resume enhancement", but let's ignore this for now. It's perhaps shameful, but relevant? potentially...

    Next, I just completed Stan Romanek's "Messages", and unless he studied Lazar's notes extensively (and had a secret advanced mathematics degree, not to mention many co-conspirators), his story seems to be proven true, and it corroborates Lazar's info on element 115, as well as the method of spacetime warping.

    Lazar's description of the spacecraft is so specific and unique - especially the hexagonal door - that it rings quite true. And his description on the program management also sounds like a MilSpec project. I worked for Hughes Aircraft on a secret program, and I can verify the stupidity of the military industrial complex.

    Time will tell, and if Romanek's experience is valid, no doubt we will
    soon learn of the real existence of these beings. If only we could have kept them away from the military! This seems to be the biggest error on the part of the aliens (if they do in fact exist). They should have come to the people first. Aside from their need to do genetic experiments (and get the blessing of the military so they could fly unfettered through US airspace), why would they feel compelled to work with those psychopaths? Why such secrecy?

    1. I remembet Bill Clinton once made a veiled reference to
      what new technology the USA now possess

    2. Someone made the hexagonal door!

  2. Glenn, I think you are absolutely correct in suggesting that Lazar's motive for his extraordinary Area 51/ "S4" claims and his story of smuggling a piece of Element 115 out of S4 was to defraud Robert Bigelow out of $$$$$.

    I was told the story about this small triangular dark orange piece of Element 115 by John Lear when I visited his house in Las Vegas in about 1993. Lear told me that Bob Lazar had brought it to his house and when they had finished looking at it --it seemed very heavy for its size-- they put it away in the safe for the night.

    When they opened the safe in the morning the piece of 115 was gone. "So who took it? The aliens??", I asked John Lear. "No, he replied, "it must have been government agents." "So, why weren't you and Bob Lazar both immediately arrested for stealing government property?", I asked. He hadn't got an answer to that and I later formed a strong impression that this story was completely untrue. I myself never met Bob Lazar.

    The strange business of the Zeta Reticuli 2 Corp. is most intriguing. A friend of mine has just spent 3 hours combing through Nevada State Records. He says that so far there is no evidence that Robert Scott Lazar ever served as an officer in ANY Nevada corporation. Bigelow is listed as an officer in all of his 170+ corporations. Looking at that list Zeta Reticuli 2 would stand out like a sore thumb. All his corporation names are innocuous and conservative sounding. From Bigelow's point of view it would make no sense to go into a public business venture with someone as shady/unproven as Lazar.

    Are you SURE that the registration for Zeta Reticuli 2 Corp. is still on public record with the Nevada Department of State? Could Bigelow or one of his people have removed it? Or were you shown a document which merely purported to be an official state record?

    One also has to ask what part might George Knapp have played in the supposed Zeta Reticuli 2 Corp.? Presumably it was Knapp who introduced Lazar to Bigelow in the first place?

  3. I found this topic really interesting.I really respect the work you did investigating everything about Area 51, Bob Lazar and UFO-related topics.

    Nico from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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