Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Freedom Ridge Blackworld Picnic

Agent X just sent this photo of some Interceptors and associates on Freedom Ridge. The occasion was the formal inauguration of Freedom Ridge at the "Blackworld Picnic" on January 15, 1994. This was a seminal event in Interceptor history. It is where we first connected with Hand and a lot of others. Most of the Council of Elders were present, including the Minister, the Ayatollah, The Great One, Hand and Psychospy (who else?). It was also the inspiration for the first Desert Rat issue.

Here is a larger version of the photo, and these are the parties I can identify, left-to-right:
#1: Unidentified
#2: Unidentified
#3: Unidentified
#4: (at telescope) Michael DiGregorio of Far Out Magazine.
#5: (in cammo) The Great One (aka Spy 2/Agent Orange)
#6: Unidentified
#7: (in cammo) Psychospy (yours truly)
#8: (with binoculars) Bill Sweetman (does he have a code name?)
#9: Warren James, authentic Rocket Scientist and friend of the Minister.
Can you help with identification?

BTW: Agent X has a great photo website, TopCover.com, and this looks like a photo of X himself in action...
Handsome dude! (In a "Come with me, Luke, I am your father" sort of way.)

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