Monday, August 11, 2008

Area 51 Book

A few years ago, I started writing a book about my adventures at Area 51. I got about 7 chapters into it before running out of steam. Those chapters are here...

The project petered out because there didn't seem to be any market for the book at the time. I had a literary agent who submitted the book to some real publishers, but there wasn't any interest.

I assume that the topic just has to "age" a while before it becomes a Golden Oldie. Unfortunately, I'm aging, too. I'm definitely not dead at the moment -- feeling quite fit, in fact -- but one cannot expect this condition to persist forever.

Now, I'm considering picking it up again. The real problem now is deciding where the story should go. How do you tell such a huge story in the short space of a book? Part of the reason for this blog is to help me figure this out.

Of course, there was already a book about the Interceptors: Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles, by Ranger (an associate Interceptor), now selling for $0.98 on Amazon. My book would have to be significantly different from his.

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