Saturday, August 23, 2008

Own a Piece of Paradise near Rachel, Nevada!

Wouldn't you like to get away from it all? Enjoy all the benefits of clean air and country living? Experience the freedom of wide open spaces? Well, Toreson Industries (official website) is giving you the chance. For $16,500 you can own a 1.2 acre lot at Lincoln Estates, a hypothetical housing development 6 miles west of Rachel, Nevada.

Of course, it's been hypothetical for at least 15 years now. We met Toreson himself back when we first arrived in Rachel in 1993, and he had the same plan. He had just bought this huge hunk of barren land west of Rachel for what he thought was a bargain price and planned to turn it into a residential community. Nothing much seems to have changed since then, except Toreson now has a new website.

Wouldn't you like to be the first on your block to... well, be first on your block, period?

The sadness of the proposition is clear when you read Toreson's list of local services. The site acknowledges that there's no Wal-Mart, no Home Depot, but there are "farm-fresh eggs." In other words, people who move to Lincoln Estates will be eating a LOT of eggs. There's also a bar and restaurant (the Little A'Le'Inn) and a convenience store/gas station.

Oops, Toreson failed to note that the convenience store has now closed, so there's no gas within 50 miles.

There are, however, "gourmet restaurants" in Alamo, some 60 miles away. (It all depends on how you define "gourmet.") Schools are located in Alamo, a mere two hour bus round-trip journey every day. (Helps instill character in children.) "These schools are in a safe, crime free, wholesome, environment and have caring teachers." (Again, it depends on how you define "wholesome" and "caring".) You can always take the bus to Las Vegas -- as long as you can get to the bus stop in "nearby" Alamo.

Lincoln Estates is at least 2-1/2 hours from the Wal-Marts and Home Depots of Las Vegas. (Toreson says 2 hours, but that assumes illegal velocity and no traffic in Las Vegas itself.) At current gas prices, that's about $50 round trip in the average car.

Toreson fails to mention that you can save a little gas and a lot of money by purchasing a similar lot in "downtown" Rachel for less than half the price of his.

A better funded version of a similar land scam is Coyote Springs (official website), a hypothetical development you may pass through without noticing on the way to Rachel. It is "only" 60 miles from Las Vegas, and at least it has a partly built golf course (our field report). There are some deep-pocketed investors behind Coyote Springs, but even they haven't been powerful enough to etch a community out of the raw desert.
Remember the old saw about real estate: "Location, location, location." In both Lincoln Estates and Coyote Springs, the location sucks. Starry eyed city slickers don't seem to understand: Out here, you don't own the desert; the desert owns you. You can stake out a tract of land and call it yours, but the desert doesn't recognize your claim and is going to win in the end.

Old man Toreson has been imprisoned by his own land for over 15 years -- which may be the inspiration for his latest scheme. According to local reports (which we haven't verified), Torson now hopes to build a 2000-bed prison on the land. We hear that Rachel residents plan to hold a town meeting about the proposal on Sept. 6.

It's pretty much the same thing: Whether you sell people the land or force them to live there under court order, they are still imprisoned.

8/25/08: Here are some message threads at Dreamland Resort regarding the proposed prison: Disaster in Rachel, Prison in Lincoln County. No worries mate! There ain't gonna be no prison. No public or private prison operator could possibly consider it viable.

Friday, August 22, 2008

EG&G Security Manual

We can't legitimately say we are "back" without publishing some sort of security manual. Fortunately, one such document turned up on our doorstep a few days ago. It is a security manual for EG&G, the private contractor that (last we heard) runs Area 51 for the Air Force. It is dated 31 March 2000 and is 92 pages long. We haven't done more that skim though it, but we offer it to our readers to analyze as they wish...

If you find anything interesting in it, give us a report.

And here's another document that arrived on our doorstep in the same wicker basket. It's an internal newsletter (11 pages) of the private range operator...

We are still a bit rusty on this, but "JT3" is the company name that appears on the Las Vegas office building that we previously associated with EG&G Special Projects at Area 51. (Our 1996 visit there was recorded in Desert Rat #35.) Here is their company website, and a screenshot is below.

Does any of this excite us? Not terribly. This is more the realm of the black world data collectors. We are happy to pass along the information, but it's not primarily what we do.

Give us more aliens! More freaks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alien Autopsy: The Third Generation

Remember the Alien Autopsy film of 1995? (wikipedia) Doesn't it bring back warm memories? It was a worldwide phenomenon at the time. The Fox television network made a boatload of money with that one, purporting to show the secret government autopsy of an alien body recovered from the Roswell UFO crash. Of course, the network never took a stand as to whether the film was real. Instead the prime time TV special was phrased as a question: "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?"

It was fiction, of course, and any competent journalist could find that out pretty quickly. What was interesting to us is how the event illustrated how media really works. The media doesn't make any money by exposing the "truth." It makes money by generating drama. The drama takes time and fills programming space, which can then be used to sell advertising to commercial sponsors.

And drama is what the people want, too! They don't want the truth any more than the media does. They want the drama of seeing conflicts hashed out, and as long as it is offered to them, they are going to tune in. It's just like a football game: No fan just wants to hear the final score; they have to see the drama of the game played out -- as inane and useless as it may be.

The purported autopsy film fit the bill. It couldn't be definitively disproven, at least immediately, so it was ripe for the question: Is it real? Then the marketing wheels could be set in motion.

Three years later, Fox milked the autopsy yet again with "World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Revealed," which devoted a program to exposing the Alien Autopsy (report). So Fox made money from the original hoax then made money again by exposing the hoax. We don't see anything particularly outrageous in this: It was just the network and its viewers doing what they are programmed to do. The Alien Autopsy was no more phony then the thousands of useless products advertised on TV everyday.

Two years ago, the promoter of the film and mastermind of the hoax, Ray Santilli, sought to garner more money and attention by finally admitting that he staged the hoax. This time, however, the whole phenomenon seems to have "jumped the shark" and it seems doubtful anyone made much profit.

Santilli's vehicle this time was the 2006 movie, "Alien Autopsy" (wikipedia, BBC review) which he produced. Supposedly "based on a true story," the movie tells the story of how Santilli and his crew faked the film. The release of this new film coincided with Santilli public admission that that MOST of the film was faked. But -- get this -- Santilli now claims that he faked the fake parts only because the original footage he purchased had disintegrated. Santilli says that he saw the film just before buying it but that the film stock decayed as soon as it was exposed to air. Then he had NO CHOICE but to "reconstruct" most of it based on the memory of what he saw. Although he continues to maintain that parts of his show were real, declines to specify them.

Hmmm, okay. Even when someone admits they lied, there's always a way to justify it. Good con men can always shift gears to adapt to any contingency; that's the nature of their trade. Alas, the whole thing fell flat this time. It seems nobody cares anymore! The film went straight to DVD and was sold only in Europe. (Europeans can buy a used copy on for £0.01 ($0.02), but you won't find it on

An associate in the UK slipped us a copy, and we TRIED to watch it but didn't get far. It was a technically competent product but pathetic below the surface. The character of Santilli, even presented as Santilli himself must have wanted it, had no personal appeal and was ultimately unwatchable.

We suspect that it wasn't really money that motivated Santilli this time: He got plenty of it from the first hoax. This one seemed more an attempt to set the record straight -- to somehow show that he was a worthy human being in spite of manipulating the world. Unfortunately, he still hasn't come clean: He has just covered one lie with another. It is like a kid admitting he stole the cookies but continuing to blame someone else for his actions.

We have no problem with hoaxes or hoaxsters. There world is filled with them, and the ultimate responsibility lies with the consumer to sort them out. But you don't pull off a hoax without Karma to pay. Every fraud and phony finds this out eventually: Either you return to the truth or you lose your soul.

For some, like Santilli, it is already too late. Millions of dollars don't help much when your time on Earth draws to a close and you have no one left to confide in.

It is the fate of all con men to die alone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Interceptor Cast: The Council of Elders

In the course of defending our honor at Dreamland Resort (see "Burning History"), SHADOWHAWK put together a pretty good summary of the original Interceptor core group. There were many others, but these nine compose the "Council of Elders" who the rest of you are expected to bow down to. At present the Council is 78% not dead, but this number could change at any time. Shadowhawk's summary, as posted:
For those who don't remember their history, there were nine of us.

Jim Goodall is considered to be the first. He was known by several code names (Yes, we all had silly code names. We never took ourselves too seriously). Jim was variously known as "The Great One," "Agent Orange," and "Spy Two." He was an aviation author who documented the Blackbirds and stealth aircraft from before the time many of them were delcassified. He spent agreat deal of time lurking around Tonopah and Area 51. For whatever reason, he was also intrigued by the testimony of Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked with alien spacecraft in an underground government facility. Jim remains, fundamentally, an airplane nut, not a UFO nut and works in aircraft resoration at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

John Andrews, "Spy One," of Testors Corporation - the company that brought us platic models of the "F-19" and "SR-75" - was a gentleman in all respects, with more manners and grace than all the other Interceptors combined. He worked for years designing plastic model kits of both real and hypothetical military craft. His greatest quest was to release models of secret aircraft before the government acknowledged their existence. He passed away some years ago.

Mark Farmer, "Agent X," was a freelance journalist and photographer from Juneau, Alaska. He was always one to push the limits of the envelope, be it in military watching, in extreme sports or in matters of taste. He had all the latest hardware: night-vision goggles, telescope, camera with a mammoth telephoto lens, scanner radio, survival rations for a week. And of course he was stylishly attired in camouflage fatigues that were exactly appropriate for this particular desert background.

Tom Mahood, "Hand," was a traffic engineer from Irvine, California, with a secret passion physics. After slinking around with us along the border of Area 51, he went on to earn a physics Master's degree in the subject of gravity, motivated by the desire to prove or debunk certain UFO claims. He then worked for a short time at a government laboratory in Washington State that was conducting serious research into the nature of gravity. He eventually returned to traffic engineering. He was an excellent investigator, completely focused on solving the current mystery, whatever it it happened to be. Once a mystery was solved, he cast it aside like a completed crossword puzzle and moved on. That was how he treated Area 51. Tom was the second person known to have climbed Tikaboo Peak for the express purpose of viewing Area 51 and the firs t to create a trail up to the peak. He also located the crash site of an A-12 (Article 125).

Mike Dornheim, "The Ayatollah," was a Los Angeles-based aviation journalist and arch-skeptic. As West Coast Editor for Aviation Week and Space technology Magazine, he fought unsucessfully against publishing unsubstantiated stories about myhical aerospace planes. He believed in data, not speculation, but his was a lone voice crying in the wilderness. He died in a tragic car accident a few years ago.

Jim Bakos, "Agent Zero," was a machinist from Hemet, California, known for his good-natured enthusiasm, whose proudest accomplishment was the design and manufacture of the official Interceptor decoder ring. Agent Zero owned his own machine shop, stamping out various metal connectors and other parts, and some of his biggest clients were military contractors. Not wanting to bite the hand that feeds, Zero kept a low profile regarding the news media.

Stuart Brown, "The Minister of Words," was a staff writer for Popular Science magazine, living in Hollywood, California. He documented some of the Interceptors' antics in print and in television interviews. He currently lives in New York.

Glenn Campbell, "Psychospy," was the only Interceptor who actually lived near Area 51. He was a computer programmer who developed an intense interest in all things related to Area 51 and moved to Nevada(Does this sound like anyone else we know?). In January 1993, he drove his camper from Boston to Rachel and moved in behind the Little A'Le'Inn. Over the next several years, he explored every detail of the area, published the "Area 51 Viewer's Guide" and organized the initial events that brought the Interceptors together. He appointed himself public relations officer for the secret base and entertained every form of visiting news media. He tread a narrow path between beliver and debunker, and was more interested in the psychlogican and cultural aspects of Area 51 than in secret aircraft. His greatest contribution was the ability to network people. By introducing a disparate collection of researchers to each other, he created something that was truly greater than the sum of its parts. He also introduced the first comprehensive Area 51 web site and unearthed key information that helped remove the shroud of mystery that surrounded the Groom Lake base.

I (Peter Merlin), a.k.a. "Shadowhawk," billed myself as an aerospace archaeologist and historian. I specialized in collecting data, documents, and artifacts realted to flight-testing and Area 51. I was also the first person known to have climbed Tikaboo Peak to look at Groom Lake. Of all the original Dreamland Interceptors (ODI's), I'm the only one who has continuously researched the subject of Area 51 without interruption in the years since the Interceptors faded from the scene. I'm proud of my contributions to Dreamland Resort (the best Area 51 web site ever!) and Roadrunners Internationale that help preseve the legacy of Area 51. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have in this endeavor without Glenn's help and that of the other ODI's. Let's not throw all that they have done on the fire.
"ODI" is okay, but we prefer "Council of Elders." They're the useless old guys who don't have much power left, but everyone pretends to honor them. They also get the best parking spots at the Black Mailbox on account of their seniority.

photo source

Not Banned After All!

Darn! It's fun to be banned (see last post), but our latest suppression has evaporated.

SHADOWHAWK has come to our defense on the Dreamland Resort discussion board ("Burning History"). In an email today, he writes...
I thought the reaction on Dreamland Resort was a little out of whack so I spoke up about it. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. Here is Joerg's response, edited for clarity.

"Thank you for bringing this up, Pete. It seems that there has been some confusion, and I hope that with this post I can straighten things out. I have an agreement with Hank (forum moderator) that we will not allow advertisement in the forum. In the case of Glenn's new site, I see now that our initial reaction was unfounded. I was under the wrong impression that it was mainly advertising his tours. I have no problem with other Area 51 research sites being discussed here, and I am glad to see that Glenn is back. As far as his tours are concerned, I hope he won't run into the same problems as I did when I tried this years ago. There is a certain tour company here in town that keeps the old Mafia tradition in Vegas very much alive... Anyway, I hope that with this, we can put this unfortunate misunderstanding to rest and move on to more fun things. I respect the Interceptors, and I am glad to see that "Psychospy" is back. Having another critical set of eyes on our favorite secret base can only be a good thing."

So Glenn is not banned after all. Let's quench this small blaze before it burns out of control.
Awww, do we have to? (Whining.) We hate it when grown-ups intervene and tell us to play fair, but they're always right, of course.

Joerg has done a great job of holding down the fort in our absence, and, frankly, most of the original Interceptors have been out of the game for so long that they are only lightweights now (apart from SHADOWHAWK, who is the only active researcher in our group). We have no desire to compete with Dreamland Resort. It is the best source on the net for current Area 51 data. All we can offer is just a different form of analysis.

Psychospy has always been more concerned with the bigger social picture of Area 51 than with specific black projects. The AURORA itself could fly out of THE GREAT ONE's ass and it wouldn't interest us much, but an alien freak like AMBASSADOR MERLIN fascinates us to no end. Face it, all of us are freaks in one way or another, so tolerance and inclusivity are important. Jeorg and the DLR people will do what they do best, and we'll do what we do best, and hopefully no one steps on each other's toes.

Then it's agreed? From now on, we're all going to try to love one another and just get along.

photo source

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Glenn Campbell Suppressed on Dreamland Resort

Ah, it's just like the old days! We've been back in operation for less than a week, and already we've been suppressed!

Since we went to sleep a decade ago, the premiere website for Area 51 information has been -- a highly credible site with lots of good information. It even includes a discussion board where authorized members can post their own comments and discuss current affairs.

But now all discussion of Glenn Campbell has been banned by the moderator.

Oooo, this is TOO good! We started our blog on Aug. 11, and on Aug. 12 someone posted a message to that effect on the discussion board: "Glenn Campbell is Back!"

There were several messages in reply, seemingly innocuous enough, but by the end of the following day, the moderator "Hank" decided that enough was enough. "I would appreciate no further posts to the Glen Campbell thread." This was seconded by the webmaster "Joerg" who wrote: "And I am sure he does not mind some free advertisement in this forum. We generally try to avoid this. Thanks!"

When someone asked why Glenn Campbell had been banned, Joerg wrote back: "Because Hank is the moderator and he said so. End of discussion."

So now Glenn Campbell can't be mentioned on what purports to be the premiere Area 51 forum. Apparently, he is seen as a commercial opportunist just out to make money. (It should be noted that the Dreamland Resort website itself is chock-a-bloc full of advertizing for cars, hotels, dating services, etc.)

The original Interceptors always TRIED to be all-inclusive. There were no real admission criteria; you just had to give yourself a code name and show up at our events. Now the new guys on the block are saying that the old guys (call us the "Grays") don't deserve to be mentioned or included in any discussion of Area 51.

Not that we mind having opponents! Why should we fight the government when internecine warfare is so much more fun? GUFON hasn't shown up so far, and no one knows what happened to CHUCKIE or SEAN DAVID MORTON, so we were worried for a while that no one would care enough to put us down. Now we see that our fears were unfounded.

Suppression is good for the soul -- just the sort of thing to breath life back into Psychospy! (Looking we're even lapsing back into the second person.)

We love the smell of napalm in the morning!

(BTW: ANYONE is free to post comments on this blog. You just have to have a free Google account -- which almost everyone has anyway. As long as your comments are relevant to the discussion and not obscene, we won't suppress them.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bob Lazar Moving to Laingsburg, Michigan

It's good to know our friend "The Bob" is still making big plans. Hand just alerted us to this article in the local Argus-Press in Shiawassee County, Michigan. It seems the forward-looking government in the small town of Laingsburg (population 1223, wikipedia) is welcoming Lazar's United Nuclear Scientific with open arms.

An excerpt...
LAINGSBURG - A boom of economic growth is heading to Laingsburg as United Nuclear Scientific, LCC, a distributor and manufacturer based in Sandia Park, New Mexico, will be relocating to downtown Laingsburg later this year.

“We are excited about establishing our business in the local community,” company owners Bob Lazar and Joy White said.

Lazar added he and his wife chose Laingsburg for the comfortable rural setting and family ties to the area.

White's son, Chris Hopwood, will be working at Michigan State University and lives in Shiawassee County.

UNS's purpose is to put the “fun” back into science as a hobby. They manufacture a wide range of scientific products of their own design, such as Nuclear Cloud Chambers - which allow you to “see” radiation.

The company started a decade ago doing government contract work in New Mexico.
“We wound down our (government work) because we will be out of the area,” Lazar said. “We will be primarily on the retail end now.”
The retail sales division of UNS Supplies is expected to employ a minimum of five people from the start. Lazar expects the number to be “significantly more than that.”
The company will also focus on a hydrogen fuel system division which is expected to come online starting in 2009-10, and will manufacture hydrogen fuel conversion kits for most U.S. and foreign cars. This could create more than 50 jobs when fully operational, Lazar said. “We needed to tap into the job market of talented people, like out of work auto workers, that are here,” he said.

Lazar is a scientist who has previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory and was involved in various classified government projects. His wife, Joy, is a licensed aesthetician (skin care specialist) with her own business.
“We are grateful to Bob and Joy - this means some really terrific benefits to the city and its residents,” Laingsburg Mayor Michael Culpepper said.
Of course, we all know Lazar is a "scientist" because he's wearing a white lab coat in the famous photo at top. But wonder why Bob would want any publicity at this point. Why can't he move into Laingsburg in his usual stealth manner?

We understood "United Nuclear" as Lazar's shell company when selling items on eBay (motto: "We specialize in small orders." website), but apparently it's growing fast. (Here's his own announcement of the move.) He now plans to employ five people, but as many as 50 eventually. In a TV news report ("Supply Company Relocates to Mid-Michigan") that number has since expanded to 80 hypothetical workers. (And here's a similar report from another TV station.)

If he managed to employ just the five, that would seem news enough. Laingsburg probably needs the business. Unfortunately, Lazar has a long history of big plans that never quite materialize. One wonders what volume of "government work" Lazar was giving up in New Mexico when he "left the area."

Whatever happened to the "Terraforming" project in a missile silo near Roswell? (clui field report) Wasn't William Shatner (i.e. "Captain Kirk") involved in that one? Some investors sunk some money into it. Did they earn it back? Must not have worked out of Lazar is leaving the state.

And then there's the corporation the Robert Bigelow funded in Nevada -- something to do with researching "Element 115." What ever happened with that? (See Psychospy's 1997 article: "Lazar Theory #1: Fraud for Bigelow Funding.")

Our friend The Bob has a way of starting big things but never quite finishing them (like certain UFO claims in the desert). We wonder if the people of Laingsburg fully understand, and we hope no municipal money has gone into this.

But wait, there was another line in the article above:

UNS has been working with the city, LBA, Baker College of Owosso and the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership (SEDP) to facilitate the relocation process.
Ah, so that's it! VERY interesting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've just been alerted to the fact that alt.conspiracy.area51 still exists! I thought newsgroups were a relic of the 1990s! There aren't a lot of postings, but one of them said something about my possible reemergence, so I was seduced into generating a posting of my own. Here it is:
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.area51
From: Psychospy
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 11:06:45 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Aug 13 2008 11:06 am
Subject: Psychospy's Back!

That's right, Psychospy is back after a ten-year Rip van Winkle snooze and BOY IS HE PISSED!

Look at how this whole field has degenerated! We got to whip you lame-ass couch potatoes back into shape! Who's monitoring the border? What's in the sky. What's been happening with the radio traffic? Answers, I want answers!

Actually, I'm perfectly happy without any answers. It was always the PROCESS that I found most interesting. F*ck the aliens I say! They're not bothering us, so why should we bother them?

You may notice one thing that's changed in the past 10 years: I've shifted from the second-person ("we" and "us") to the first person ("me" and "I"), with some occasional lapses into the third person for literary effect ("Psychospy is back"). It's just easier that way. This is going to be a LOW ENERGY insurrection from now on. One of the reasons I got out of Area 51 is that is just became too much. I burned out on all the tasks I created for myself. Now, I'm not going to get obligated to anything. I'll pursue what amuses me and blow off what doesn't. There will be no big battles or major projects this time, only idle bemusement at the wonder of it all.

I've created a new "blog", which I gather is all the rage these days.

This will be my primary organ for communication. You can "RSS" it or cross-post it or whatever you young people do with blogs these days. It doesn't matter to me. (Please note, however, that I may fine-tune my postings for a few days after they are first published, so you should always try to refer people back to the original blog source.)

I'm not sure what I will do with this new medium. Mostly dwell on the past, I imagine. My financial resources are very thin (i.e. I'm now "poor" like the rest of you.), so I can't physically scope out the border anymore. The most I can do is type, type, type, from my secure undisclosed location. I'll try to pull things together as best I can, perhaps with the help of some of you who do have resources to poke around.

So link yourself up with the blog, send me some email, and we'll see what develops.

Psychospy (aka Kilroy)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interceptor Patch

Here is Agent X's design for the Interceptor patch.

He writes: "The latin means 'To always look up.' I had a pal who was a Catholic priest help me with the saying. Otherwise, the motif and lettering I based on military squadron patches."

Freedom Ridge Blackworld Picnic

Agent X just sent this photo of some Interceptors and associates on Freedom Ridge. The occasion was the formal inauguration of Freedom Ridge at the "Blackworld Picnic" on January 15, 1994. This was a seminal event in Interceptor history. It is where we first connected with Hand and a lot of others. Most of the Council of Elders were present, including the Minister, the Ayatollah, The Great One, Hand and Psychospy (who else?). It was also the inspiration for the first Desert Rat issue.

Here is a larger version of the photo, and these are the parties I can identify, left-to-right:
#1: Unidentified
#2: Unidentified
#3: Unidentified
#4: (at telescope) Michael DiGregorio of Far Out Magazine.
#5: (in cammo) The Great One (aka Spy 2/Agent Orange)
#6: Unidentified
#7: (in cammo) Psychospy (yours truly)
#8: (with binoculars) Bill Sweetman (does he have a code name?)
#9: Warren James, authentic Rocket Scientist and friend of the Minister.
Can you help with identification?

BTW: Agent X has a great photo website,, and this looks like a photo of X himself in action...
Handsome dude! (In a "Come with me, Luke, I am your father" sort of way.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II: A Memorial

In memory of Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II of Draconis, a "being of light" who I had the good fortune to meet, I wrote a short screenplay in his honor (8 pages)...

Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II was an apparently sentient and corporeal being who I met in Rachel (shown above). Here is a news article on his demise. (Obviously, I took some creative liberties.)

I have a few other short screenplays, several concerning Area 51. They are found here.

You might find a little about the Ambassador with a Google search. He was mentioned in the New York Times article and in the Dreamland Chronicles. Does anyone have any recollections of the Ambassador they care to share?

Nice Restricted Area Map

Here's a nice map of the entire military Restricted Area in Southern Nevada, showing the Groom Airstrip, Rachel and Tikaboo Peak. It was found on Wikipedia at:

It appears to be made by a private citizen with a good software program (Finlay McWalter).

Popular Mechanics reveals the NEW new Area 51

Reminiscent of the past, Popular Mechanics (the low-class rip-off of Popular Science) has announced the location of the "new" Area 51. It's the Mojave (California) airport, shown above, and the "commander" of the base is aircraft designer Burt Rutan. Here is their article in this month's issue:

Some of you may recalled that back in June 1997, Popular Mechanics made waves (and sold a lot of copies) by announcing that Area 51 had moved to an abandoned missile site near Green River, Utah (summary). The dimwitted PM reporter had confirmed this by visiting the Groom Lake border and finding a locked get there. (The gate, which was pictured in the article, was on a remote rancher's road not connected with Area 51.)

There is no evidence in the article that he actually visited Green River, but one of our operatives did, shortly after the article was published. The facility was surrounded by a fence, but the gate was open, and our operative walked right in! No signs of security, no Little Green Man, only a few concrete bunkers (report).

So they must have moved Area 51 yet again as soon as PM caught up with them. And now, at last, PM has revealed where they moved it all to: Mojave, California.

The Minister of Words writes: "BTW I ran into a buddy who works at PM and asked him about Jim Wilson, the guy who turned getting lost into the scoop that A51 had moved to Utah. He said Wilson made up so much stuff during his time there that even PM felt obliged to fire him."

Area 51 Book

A few years ago, I started writing a book about my adventures at Area 51. I got about 7 chapters into it before running out of steam. Those chapters are here...

The project petered out because there didn't seem to be any market for the book at the time. I had a literary agent who submitted the book to some real publishers, but there wasn't any interest.

I assume that the topic just has to "age" a while before it becomes a Golden Oldie. Unfortunately, I'm aging, too. I'm definitely not dead at the moment -- feeling quite fit, in fact -- but one cannot expect this condition to persist forever.

Now, I'm considering picking it up again. The real problem now is deciding where the story should go. How do you tell such a huge story in the short space of a book? Part of the reason for this blog is to help me figure this out.

Of course, there was already a book about the Interceptors: Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles, by Ranger (an associate Interceptor), now selling for $0.98 on Amazon. My book would have to be significantly different from his.

Groom Lake Interceptors: Not Dead Yet!

The legendary "Groom Lake Interceptors" (or "Area 51 Interceptors"), who haunted the border of the secret Nevada base in the 1990s, aren't dead yet (at least mostly). This blog will try to prove it.

I'm Kilroy, formerly known a "Psychospy." I was the de facto leader because I was the only one who was actually living near the base at the time. In January 1993, I moved from the Boston area to the tiny town of Rachel, Nevada, to explore the "base that wasn't there." At the time, Groom Lake was known to aircraft watchers and UFO buffs but was virtually unknown to the general public. I set about to change all that and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. You've probably heard of Area 51 now!

Along the way, I met up with a motley crew of aviation watchers, journalists, engineers, freelance assassins and n'er-do-wells, and we teamed up to use our own special superpowers to attack the Area 51 problem. I can't say for sure that we accomplished anything, but we sure learned a lot along the way.

The Interceptors got a lot of publicity back in the day, but where are they now? We'll jump right in with some posts, and eventually we might find out.