Monday, March 29, 2010

Area 51 Workers Talk... But, Sorry, No Aliens!

New article published March. 27 in the Seattle Times...

Area 51 vets break silence: Sorry, but no space aliens or UFOs - Newly revealed stories from people who used to work at Area 51 shed light on a site still shrouded in mystery.
Noce and Barnes say they never saw anything connected to UFOs.

Barnes believes the Air Force and the "Agency" didn't mind the stories about alien spacecraft. They helped cover up the secret planes that were being tested.

On one occasion, he remembers, when the first jets were being tested at what Muroc Army Air Field, later renamed Edwards Air Force Base, a test pilot put on a gorilla mask and flew upside down beside a private pilot.

"Well, when this guy went back, telling reporters, 'I saw a plane that didn't have a propeller and being flown by a monkey,' well, they laughed at this guy — and it got where the guys would see [test pilots] and they didn't dare report it because everybody'd laugh at them," says Barnes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Updated Photo of Sean Morton

Here's Sean and his wife in their limo, from UFOWatchDog.

Looks like securities fraud is treating him well!

His wife looks surprisingly normal. Either she's a con artist like him or a hopeless sucker.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sean Morton Charged With Securities Fraud!

OMG! This is fantastic! Sean David Morton, my arch-nemesis in the 1990s (who happened to be the subject of my last post a month ago), has been formerly charged with securities fraud by the SEC, for allegedly swindling investors out of $6 million based on his alleged psychic powers.

New York Times: For Psychic, Suit Came as Surprise
He calls himself “America’s Prophet,” a psychic, trained by Nepalese monks in the art of time travel, who can foretell the future of the stock market. But to the authorities, Sean David Morton is simply a fraud — and a really, really bad psychic.

This article includes the full text of the lawsuit!

Wall Street Journal: SEC Charges Sean David Morton, 'America's Prophet', With Fraud

Also see Google News Search for "Sean Morton"

But let's not rush to judgment here. He has only been charged, not convicted. Here is Sean's response to the charges, as posted on the Coast-to-Coast website....

Sean David Morton Statement

The SEC filing is only a civil action at the moment, which can't send him to jail. All they can do is "enjoin" him from doing stuff and seize his assets, of which he claims none. Sean is nothing if not resilient, and I'm sure he will rise to the occasion and find a new scam to work. The important thing now is to play the victim, thereby tapping into the anti-government subculture. It's a whole new reservoir of suckers to milk!

You can't buy publicity like this, Sean. Run with it!

(Thanks to Ray McClure for the tip-off.)