Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Account of the ET Highway/ID4 Event

Here is Don Ecker's new account of the ET Highway/ID4 event back around 1997, on his blog, Dark Matters. (At the time, he and his wife ran UFO Magazine.)

Like any endeavor created by man, there were the “kill-joys” with this bunch. One guy we knew, Glenn Campbell, had been very involved in the whole Area 51 thing, and for awhile he published a paper called The Groom Lake Desert Rat, all about what was going on with Area 51 (the secret base) while also running a newsgroup called UFO Mind. For some unknown reason Campbell took umbrage at the State of Nevada and 20th Century Fox renaming Highway 375 to ET Highway. He went on a rampage and his “victory” was managing to detour one bus full of tourista’s down some damn side road instead of to the site where all the festivities were taking place!
But I gave 'em back!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old News: Popular Mechanics on the "New" A-51

The old Popular Mechanics article on the "new" Area 51 is still online at their website....

You remember: This was the article where Popular Mechanics (trying to upstage the better Popular Science), claimed that Area 51 had shut down and that sensitive projects had moved to Green River, Utah. The reporter didn't actually bother to visit Green River, however. If he had, he would have found an abandoned military compound that he could have walked around in.

The magazine has no shame. (If we were them, we would have buried this article long ago.) We understand that the report since lost his job at PM due to other fabrications not related to this story, but that doesn't stop PM from continuing to support the article.

It's a shame that "Jim Wilson" is such a common name. Otherwise, this crap would haunt him more effectively when people Googled him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Old News: Area 51 workers eligible for aid

Here's a 7-month-old article on the Area 51 environmental case [courtesy of reader Archangel]:

WASHINGTON -- Former Department of Energy and contractor employees who worked at the top secret Area 51 base now are eligible to seek health payments available to nuclear weapons workers who got sick from their jobs, a top federal official said Wednesday.

The announcement by Shelby Hallmark, director of the Office of Worker Compensation in the Labor Department, cleared an obstacle that has prevented some former Nevada workers from getting help to battle job-related cancers and other serious illnesses that showed up years after they completed careers at weapons sites.

Hallmark said the Labor Department has designated Area 51, the 60-square mile guarded installation on the northeast border of the Nevada Test Site, as part of the test site for purposes of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation program.
Also, here is a 1996 article on the Helen Frost case in the Wall Street Journal...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Obama Area 51 Connection

If you have been looking for an Area 51 connection to Barack Obama, here's one: Every year he is going to have to sign an Executive Order exempting Area 51 from environmental reporting regulations. Clinton did it, and of course Bush II did. Will Obama?

The annual exemption is the result of a lawsuit by the widow of a former Area 51 worker who died after alleged exposure to toxic substances at Groom Lake. (Keywords: Helen Frost, Jonathan Turley.) The lawsuit was unsuccessful in obtaining any compensation, but it did result in the annual Presidential order.

The Executive Order is a publicly-published document that should be found in the Federal Register. I believe it is signed every January. [A reader says September.] I'm not sure whether Bush already did it this year or Obama has yet to do it. It is the sort of thing that is bound to get buried in the avalanche of orders the new President will release.

I expect he will sign it without much internal debate. New leaders don't usually break with precedent on routine matters like that, but you never know.

—Glenn Campbell

BTW: Here are my photos from the Inauguration.
[Be sure to see the reader comments linked below.]

KLAS-TV: UFO Mystery on the River

Hey, I'm three months late from this one, but here's a TV news report from George Knapp on a UFO sighting near the Colorado right last May. [Courtesy of Agent Zero]

Witness: Mystery on the River
(KLAS-TV - Las Vegas, 10/31/08)
According to eyewitnesses, the mystery object blazed out of the sky in the early morning hours of May 14, 2008. In Bullhead City, former police chief Frank Costigan noticed the turquoise light overhead.

"Bright in the yard, so naturally I looked up and right about here, heading in that direction, and it went like this, about that speed, fell behind that hill right there," he said. "I expected to hear the boom or siren or something. ...

The witness, who prefers to be known as Bob on the River, says the object slammed into the riverbank, 50 or more yards west of his houseboat, "It didn't crash, it didn't explode, it went poof -- a thump."
This story continues in Part II on the following night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Area 51 Conference, Aug 22

Not sure what's going to be said there that hasn't been said before, but here's the link...

Area 51 - Dreamland Conference, Las Vegas, Aug 22, 2009

Our own Shadowhawk is on the list, as well as George Knapp, but notably missing from the agenda is John Lear, Sean Morton, Gary Shultz, Anthony Hilder, Bill Uhouse, Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II, Pat Travis, Gene Huff and Bob Lazar. What kind of Area 51 conference is this?

(Psychospy, BTW, has joined Amb. Merlin on another astral plane and is no longer available for these events.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Prison for Rachel

A while back, some Rachel residents and UFO watchers were all worked up about Jim Toreson's proposal to build a private prison near Rachel. "Don't get your knickers in a bunch," we said. "It ain't gonna happen." Torson appeared to have the land and nothing more. Of course, nothing seems to have happened on the project since then.

Here is an example of how a REAL prison developer operates:

Storey County eyed for private prison
(AP via Las Vegas Sun, 1/8)

This company is taking the same sort of approach as Toreson: seeking a local permit first, then seeking a contract. This company, however, has done it before and knows what it is doing. To build a real prison, you need a contract, a labor pool and a decently accessible location, all of which Toreson doesn't have and never will.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Message from Борис in Russia

I just received this email message from from "Boris" (Борис) in Russia. I cleaned up the formatting; otherwise it is how I received it. Nicely illustrates the compounded confusion of incoherent thoughts run through a Russian-to-English translation program.

If you study this in the right frame of mind (or under the influence of the right hallucinogens), you might get something out of it. —G.C.

from: Борис К------- <>
date: Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 9:58 PM
subject: (no subject)

I wont to pay your attention to the material got by the contactor was Tsvethova T. The part of this information was learnt by the scientists from NINO (Las Vegas, USA); we corresponded with Colm Kelleher; the other part of that material was learnt by Dr.Eric W. Davis, he is an astrophysicist. The sent material (themes) is very different, here are some of them:

1. The crossing tunnels between the worlds

2. The valley of unheeded men - Canada- the disappearing of expedition

3. Bermuda triangle - disappearing - who did that.

4. People self burning.

Unfortunately just one interest didn't arrange me. I need an interaction which I'm still looking for. People who are united with the common aims, ideas, literate and spiritual developed persons.

The information about us is transformed through the contractor in the material, dialogues with the minds of different worlds, where is told about future catastrophe in geography of our planet.

The predict the future changes of our continents and new position of equatorial part. And because of that the golf stream are changed, and how the outer space minds can help us.

There was an information about man's soul its creating, its programmer into the man's body and outer space laws existing for all minds.

The answers are given to all questions of outer space character what happened with people

There is an answer why the 3d World War didn't happen, who did that.

Were is a plane TU-134 from the moon crater and is a plane there. What the united of outer space civilizations is and who the space pirates are.

What the meaning of the expressions "information field of our planet is"

What the world is and where it goes into.

During the dialogues we arrange friendly attitudes with different representatives of outer space civilization. Also we had dialogues with thee minds of our solar system.

You can, of course,

The dialogue were with:

The world of Darkness 1st, 2nd and 3d sectors.

The 4th World - creatures and essences

Mind - the centre of Solar chain, the representatives from different worlds.

The representative from the 8th parallel world of our planet.

The mind from Saturn the 6th ring of artificial planed Keer number 16.

The Cooperation of Solar micro galaxy. Mind from the constellation of Cassiopeia the 20th micro galaxy the 17 planet of Okeremus and other micro galaxies Minds from Small Bear the 16 th micro galaxy the 11th planer Arable - the crew (lot the space ship)

The mountain spirit "Jastirnack"

Material is on hard disc (250 sheets) in Russian . You'll translate yourselves if you need that. It is concerned your country too.

To know your future is to get ready for the future changes.

My best regards to you
Boris K.

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