Monday, June 15, 2009

Advanced Technology at Area 51 Gate

On alt.conspiracy.area51, Desert Shadow reports finding the above mysterious black box at the Rachel Gate to Area 51. (Unlike the border in the Tikaboo Valley, behind Rachel you can drive to within sight of a guard house.) Desert Shadow writes:
I am sure somebody here would know what this box is. It is on the right side of the Rachel Area 51 gate. It is attached with plastic ties. I noticed it Sunday. It was not there a few weeks ago. It has no wires or any source of power that I could see. Any guesses?
Further description is posted on his Paradise Ranch blog.

The next day, an anonymous poster responded with this candidate....

It looks suspiciously like the Dakota WMA-3000 Wireless Motion Alert Driveway Alarm Alert Motion Sensor. The suggested retail price is $169.95, but if you act now it's only $159.95!

Could it be that Area 51 technology isn't as advanced as we think?

Or maybe that's just what they want us to think!