Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old News: Popular Mechanics on the "New" A-51

The old Popular Mechanics article on the "new" Area 51 is still online at their website....

You remember: This was the article where Popular Mechanics (trying to upstage the better Popular Science), claimed that Area 51 had shut down and that sensitive projects had moved to Green River, Utah. The reporter didn't actually bother to visit Green River, however. If he had, he would have found an abandoned military compound that he could have walked around in.

The magazine has no shame. (If we were them, we would have buried this article long ago.) We understand that the report since lost his job at PM due to other fabrications not related to this story, but that doesn't stop PM from continuing to support the article.

It's a shame that "Jim Wilson" is such a common name. Otherwise, this crap would haunt him more effectively when people Googled him.

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