Saturday, January 3, 2009

Message from Борис in Russia

I just received this email message from from "Boris" (Борис) in Russia. I cleaned up the formatting; otherwise it is how I received it. Nicely illustrates the compounded confusion of incoherent thoughts run through a Russian-to-English translation program.

If you study this in the right frame of mind (or under the influence of the right hallucinogens), you might get something out of it. —G.C.

from: Борис К------- <>
date: Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 9:58 PM
subject: (no subject)

I wont to pay your attention to the material got by the contactor was Tsvethova T. The part of this information was learnt by the scientists from NINO (Las Vegas, USA); we corresponded with Colm Kelleher; the other part of that material was learnt by Dr.Eric W. Davis, he is an astrophysicist. The sent material (themes) is very different, here are some of them:

1. The crossing tunnels between the worlds

2. The valley of unheeded men - Canada- the disappearing of expedition

3. Bermuda triangle - disappearing - who did that.

4. People self burning.

Unfortunately just one interest didn't arrange me. I need an interaction which I'm still looking for. People who are united with the common aims, ideas, literate and spiritual developed persons.

The information about us is transformed through the contractor in the material, dialogues with the minds of different worlds, where is told about future catastrophe in geography of our planet.

The predict the future changes of our continents and new position of equatorial part. And because of that the golf stream are changed, and how the outer space minds can help us.

There was an information about man's soul its creating, its programmer into the man's body and outer space laws existing for all minds.

The answers are given to all questions of outer space character what happened with people

There is an answer why the 3d World War didn't happen, who did that.

Were is a plane TU-134 from the moon crater and is a plane there. What the united of outer space civilizations is and who the space pirates are.

What the meaning of the expressions "information field of our planet is"

What the world is and where it goes into.

During the dialogues we arrange friendly attitudes with different representatives of outer space civilization. Also we had dialogues with thee minds of our solar system.

You can, of course,

The dialogue were with:

The world of Darkness 1st, 2nd and 3d sectors.

The 4th World - creatures and essences

Mind - the centre of Solar chain, the representatives from different worlds.

The representative from the 8th parallel world of our planet.

The mind from Saturn the 6th ring of artificial planed Keer number 16.

The Cooperation of Solar micro galaxy. Mind from the constellation of Cassiopeia the 20th micro galaxy the 17 planet of Okeremus and other micro galaxies Minds from Small Bear the 16 th micro galaxy the 11th planer Arable - the crew (lot the space ship)

The mountain spirit "Jastirnack"

Material is on hard disc (250 sheets) in Russian . You'll translate yourselves if you need that. It is concerned your country too.

To know your future is to get ready for the future changes.

My best regards to you
Boris K.

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  1. Does anyone remember the Japanese/English translation of Zero Wing, complete with youtube video. I think the video was around before youtube...

  2. The Valley of Unheeded Men sounds like a terribly forlorn place.