Monday, January 12, 2009

Area 51 Conference, Aug 22

Not sure what's going to be said there that hasn't been said before, but here's the link...

Area 51 - Dreamland Conference, Las Vegas, Aug 22, 2009

Our own Shadowhawk is on the list, as well as George Knapp, but notably missing from the agenda is John Lear, Sean Morton, Gary Shultz, Anthony Hilder, Bill Uhouse, Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II, Pat Travis, Gene Huff and Bob Lazar. What kind of Area 51 conference is this?

(Psychospy, BTW, has joined Amb. Merlin on another astral plane and is no longer available for these events.)


  1. Ok, I guess that answers my question why you are not on the bill......

  2. Well, it pre-answers the question. I wasn't asked, and wouldn't have anything to say if I was.

  3. no Lazar??? No Lear?? Sounds like a $$$$ making excersise to me....
    I wish I could go... but I think I'll be in Spain then. But...yeah. Without all those lively characters it seems a little dull...