Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Review: Blank Spots on the Map

I got an honorable mention in the review of a book about secret places (although not in the book itself)...

Viewing Secrecy Through “Blank Spots on the Map"
(review by Steven Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists, 1/30)

There are also some surprising “blank spots” in Paglen’s own narrative. In the 1990s, an independent researcher named Glenn Campbell spent years mapping the Groom Lake facility in Nevada, testing its perimeters and security procedures, scouting out the best public domain vantage points, and tracking the “Janet” airplanes in their daily flights to and from Groom Lake, fifteen years before Paglen did something similar. Without a credential or a book contract, he produced an astounding volume of genuine “black world” geography called the “Area 51 Viewer’s Guide.” But except for a misspelling of his name in an incidental footnote (p. 286), Campbell’s pioneering effort goes completely unacknowledged. Campbell himself would probably find his erasure from the record sublime, but to me it is dispiriting.


  1. It is funny how the "Desert Rat" lately never quite seems to get the "love" he deserves. I have seen so much of his work on other sites without citing him. It is hard to count how many so called "Area 51 researchers" are just hashing info of his. To test out how crazy it has gotten, mention Glenn Campbell on any of the popular blogs or discussion forums and watch people "freak out". I know Glenn could care less and I guess that is why reading his perspective is much more interesting then reading about call signs during Red Flag!

  2. Although his book about the Black Project military patches was very interesting. I would like to read this as well and judge for myself.