Monday, February 16, 2009

UFO Hunters Area 51 Episode Coming Feb. 25

I am PUTTING MY LIFE AT RISK by providing 50% of the soundbites for this breathless 20-second promo for our episode on UFO Hunters next week.

The 1-hour episode, the first substantial new Area 51 show in nearly a decade, is scheduled to air Weds., Feb. 25, 2009 at 10pm. (Don't worry if you miss it, since it is sure to be repeated ad nauseum.)

WARNING: Expect show-biz sizzle, not factual accuracy. We're all just along for the ride on this one.

Here is the History Channel's own description of the show (from their UFO Hunters section)...
The world's most infamous secret base is growing...
On October 26th, 1994, the U.S. government made their first official acknowlegement of Area 51. Six months later, nearly 4,000 acres of previously public land surrounding the base were closed. Now, over a decade later, satellite photos reveal new buildings, towers, and runways finishing construction. Secret flights with blacked-out windows bring passengers from Las Vegas. And security surrounding the perimeter of the base is tighter than ever. The team heads to the epicenter of UFO and military conspiracy theories to visit new vantage points, speak with former base employees, and search the skies above America's most top-secret facility.
Don't miss my earlier account of the filming of this episode five months ago: UFO Hunters on Tikaboo Peak.

And here is my photo album of the same expedition.

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