Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UFO Hunters Area 51 Episode - Instant Review

UFO Hunters was a hoot! Fluffy like a bunny. Pure sizzle and suggestion. But in HIGH DEFINITION!

After viewing the show, my mother pretty much summed it up: "You know, it must be an enormous challenge to fill in all this television programming."

Great production values! Great High Definition! Lots of visual excitement: camera jumping around, rapid cuts, crystal clear telephoto, spooky night vision.

Data? Facts? Evidence? There you go again, obsessing over truth. What do you think this is, The History Channel?

It's in High Definition!


  1. You looked a little shorter in Hi Def or maybe the guy you were with was really tall. Anyway, we love ya!

  2. Totally Agree . . . I've always enjoyed the show for it subject matter and production value. But they are always short on any real substance.