Thursday, February 26, 2009

UFO Hunters was a Ratings Buster!

I have just learned from the producer that last nights UFO Hunters Area 51 show was the 2nd most watched show on the History Channel so far this year! (Not just the most-watched show of the series but nearly most popular on the whole network.)

So bunny fluff works!

However, there has been only a modest rise in hits on this blog and my other Area 51 related websites. Apparently, most viewers are just viewers and don't have the initiative for even a few mouse clicks.

(BTW: See "UFO Hunters" link below for all my previous articles about this episode, including my own photos and account of the film shoot.)


  1. Bunny fluff! :)
    Thank you for the news, I have Twitter shared it at

    For the latest in worldwide UFO News, Videos and Views at the speed of Twit follow IQXS...tinfoil hats, optional!

  2. Do you guys believe in UFOs,and think UFO Hunters is just saying things that are not proven?