Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Las Vegas Sun on UFO Hunters Episode

In advance of the new UFO Hunters episode on Area 51 later this evening (10pm ET/PT), the Las Vegas Sun ran this short blurb on the show...

Apparently, all the information for this mini-article came from my earlier blog entry on the show. The only trouble is, I didn't actually say most of the things the article says I said. For example, I have never said that the base "is growing." The History Channel said that, not me. (It always pumps up the ratings to say something is growing, vs. staying static.) It's just a minor journalistic issue: who said what.

Sigh! Is there no journalistic dignity left for Area 51? (If there ever was, tonight's episode should lay it to rest.)

But, hell, what am I complaining about? This is still a gas! (And "there's no such thing as bad publicity.")


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