Sunday, September 21, 2008

Photos from Tikaboo Peak and the E.T. Highway

Here is a album of photos I took on Saturday on an Area 51 visit with a couple of Brits...

This alien dude is new. It's a store near the start of the highway that calls itself "The Alien Research Center, Area 51." There appears to be no research going on there. The facility also claims to be a "museum" but there were no displays apart from the original E.T. Highway sign. It's just a gift shop, open only Fri-Sat-Sun. The sales clerk said it had been open for about 9 months and was owned by a George Harris in Las Vegas.

I was there for a while before I realized, "Hey, this is a total rip-off of my Area 51 Research Center!" I'm not particularly upset, though. I don't expect this place to last for long.


  1. The "full figured" guy you met at the Research Center is related to the owner, I forget how though. His family owned a sports memorabilia store in the Stratosphere shops that has been closed. He claims to have seen the Aurora fly right over his shop there (rolleyes). I was impressed with the money they have dumped into that place, I like you think it will fold.

    BTW, the chick in those pics is pretty hot. ;)

  2. Those are great Tikaboo photos, Glenn.

    I just finished reading your page about ending your employment with the airlines. As always, you have a very insightful and positive approach to problem solving. I was particularly impressed by your description of how you would fly to Paris or wherever, then "blend in" by camping in some spot you found on Google Earth. I too have used that exact same tactic. I agree that staying too long in any one places begins to reveal how the rabbit gets into the hat.

    Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke