Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paul, the Area 51 alien (movie trailer)

I can confidently say I had nothing to do with this. Learned about it just now on Twitter.

I think you pretty much got the whole movie in this here trailer. Worth the 2:23, I'd say! (But not necessarily worth the two hours to sit through the movie.)

It's not the only Area 51 movie in the pipeline.


  1. Please don't tell me they're still working on a Bob Lazar film.

  2. Strange dad just passed away and we think he'd think it was totally cool to have his ashes spread over Area 51. I know I can't get on the base, but is there some contact information we could get somewhere to find out if someone would do that for us? My dad did serve in the Air Force. My email is procrastistamper at gmail dot com if you have any ideas or suggestions about that.

  3. This looks like a funny, light-hearted film :)

  4. Rented the movie from Netflix. It's interesting that the movie includes the "Lil'ale'inn" with "Pat Stevens" (played by Jane Lynch) as proprietor (as opposed to real-life Pat Travis). They have an important scene at the "black mailbox", and in the movie it is appropriately white. Part of the name of the resident is obscured by stickers but you can see the letters EDLIN. I wonder if they approached Steve Medlin about using his name in the film.