Friday, July 29, 2011

Area 51 Guide Service Discontinued

As of Aug. 2011, I have discontinued my Area 51 guide service, at least for the general public. (I may still do it for members of the media, however.)

The reason is simple: I don't live in Nevada anymore. I haven't lived there since 2008, but until now, I have been a laid-off airline worker who could fly for free, so I could go back there whenever I wanted. As of September 2011, I lose that privilege, so continuing the guide service just isn't practical. (Anyone who employed me would have to pay my airfare to Las Vegas from whether I happened to be.)

I have enjoyed the tours I have given and the people I have met, but the orbs are telling me to move on to new adventures.

I am still VERY active on social media, so check in there to see what I'm up to:
Glenn Campbell

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