Friday, January 7, 2011

Groomstock Photos

Groomstock 2010 is three months past now, and I forgot to post any photos, so here they are...

We had a nice time, but not really much to report. No helicopter fly-bys. No encounters with security. Just your standard secret base doing what secret bases do: sitting there. It was a surprisingly small group, given that the WHOLE WORLD was invited, but it's quality that counts, not quantity. (In addition to those shown here, there were several who camped with us but didn't make the hike, including Agent Coyote from our early years.) The trip proceeded as previously announced, with most of us camping at the trailhead and a few staying in Alamo.

I have no idea yet whether there will be another Groomstock in 2011. (If there is, it will probably be in the summer.)

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