Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Groomstock 2010 - THIS WEEKEND!

Our free public campout and hike at Tikaboo Peak is STILL ON -- just as previously announced! Oct. 9-10, 2010

You can join us for the camp-out on Saturday night or just for the hike on Sunday morning. RSVP is appreciated but not required. Just come!

For more information, including meeting time and place, see the Event Announcement and the Facebook Event Page.

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  1. Hey Glenn, are you still going away with your mission to Tikaboo Peak? I wish you well on your journey! Perhaps you could take a few 'snaps' for us...? I don't know if any of your pals will be equipping themselves with hi-tech, but if they could pehaps strap some recording devices to their gizmos.... so we can all can all virtually share your experience of gazing down at the base - that is if it's legal, wouldn't want to get you guys in any trouble....?

    Good to see you're still around and still have an interest in Area 51. Much like yourself, it was something of an intellectual fascination (oh, who am I kidding, I mean obsession) for some years, before finally accepting it really is just a military base with some planes in it.

    I was ensnared by the Bob Lazar story for a time, too. Highly intelligent guy and, and he's a great storyteller - there was seemingly enough evidence there to give his story some credibility - until the evidence itself was dissected and found to be wanting... But it is still a good story.

    I wish you luck in your mission. Wouldn't it be so cool if you and I were both proven wrong on that trip, and you got some real clear video footage of a saucer flying out of Papoose Lake? That would be truly awesome - I'd happily eat humble pie over that. Pehaps that's one thing both believers and skeptics alike can agree on ;)