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Bob Lazar: True or False?

Someone has sent me a link to yet another article I wrote about Bob Lazar. (In addition to the one in the previous post.) This is pretty freaky, because I don't even remember writing this one, but lexical analysis certainly indicates I'm the culprit. I have no idea where it was originally published, but it is dated in 2002, eight years after the previous one. Since it's apparently my own work, I guess I'm authorized to reproduce the whole article here...

Bob Lazar: True or False?

By Glenn Campbell

I am happily retired from the Area 51 field and am currently enjoying a blissfully UFO-free lifestyle, but one issue won't leave me alone: People keep asking me about Bob Lazar. True or False: Did he work with flying saucers at "Area S-4"?

I adore ambiguity, and I really hate being pinned down like this. I mean, what is truth anyway? My idle-handed colleagues and I have been researching Lazar's claims since 1992, but I wasn't there when Lazar first made those claims, and no one can visit the secure military areas where Lazar's experiences supposedly took place. Who am I to declare what is and is not reality?

Still the inquiries keep coming, especially after Lazar's recent reappearance on Art Bell (June 6, 2002), where he announced yet another movie deal. The only way to efficiently deal with my questioners is to come up with a crude one-word answer.

Unfortunately, that answer is False.

I don't mean this as an insult to Mr. Lazar. He's an incredibly creative and intelligent guy. I also don't mean to denigrate Lazar's many supporters. One thing I learned while studying Area 51 is that you don't mess with people's religion. Lazar, I believe, has a right to make his claims, and people have a right to believe him. Lazar's flying saucers have become part of Nevada's identity, and probably even my own. I mean "False" only in a rather mundane factual sense.

Lazar did not work with flying saucers in an underground hangar near Papoose Lake. He made the story up. Furthermore, he made it up by himself, without the help of any nefarious agency and probably without any deep motivation other than the pleasure of attracting attention and putting people on.

The story evolved out of a long heritage of pre-existing underground alien base claims, which eventually infected the pilot and conspiracy theorist John Lear. Lear announced, in electronic bulletin board posts in the 1980s, that gray aliens were eating humans in deep underground facilities at Area 51. Lazar met Lear, heard his ramblings, and decided to give Lear what he wanted. Lazar took Lear's paranoid delusions and repackaged them in a much more intelligent and internally consistent rendition. Initially, Lear was the only audience, but he tipped off a Las Vegas TV station, and the frenzy began. The story soon spun out of Lazar's control, and, at least until the recent Art Bell appearance, Lazar seemed to sincerely want it to go away.

Lazar's limited knowledge of Area 51 came from secondhand sources, which are plentiful in Las Vegas. Lazar has never been to Area 51. His "S-4" is a relocated and reconfigured version of "Site 4", a real Top Secret radar testing facility west of Area 51. Lazar's saucers and their propulsion system seem plausible to anyone without a physics degree. They were constructed, in Lazar's head, with the same fastidious care that he has lavished on his real-life fireworks, jet cars and other mechanical projects. "Element 115" and its peculiar periodic neighbors were discussed in an article in Scientific American just before Lazar used it to fuel his craft. Lazar has always displayed an exceptional respect for detail and consistency, and he has an extraordinary ability to focus his attention on whatever his current project is, to the exclusion of everything else. His only deficiencies are moral (that is, if you consider lies and the exploitation of others to be somehow 'wrong').

A good model for how Lazar operates is found in the forger Mark Hoffman, now in prison for murder.

While forging Mormon documents, Hoffman built a detailed web of lies that still leaves researchers in awe. Hoffman's forgeries were internally consistent and perfect in every detail, and they meshed seamlessly with the world of existing documents, many of which he also created. His trance-like ability to focus his attention was so highly developed that he easily fooled polygraph tests.

Lazar is in the same league, having convinced a hypnotherapist of his truthfulness and earned at least an "inconclusive" polygraph report. Lazar might be even more clever than Hoffman, because he hasn't significantly broken the law, and he strictly limits his claims to his original story.

You can ask me for proof for my Lazar position, but I'm not going to play the game anymore. The Lazar documentation on the internet is already massive, and the heated debates about one detail or another of Lazar's claims have been going on for over a decade. It is senseless to harp on his false educational credentials, enhanced employment claims or pandering conviction.

Those who believe in Lazar are going to continue believing, and those who don't will only say, "I told you so." The funny thing about oral traditions like this is that they continue to live and propagate regardless of the evidence and far beyond their original source. They spawn new stories, like the similar UFO claims of Bill Uhouse, aka "Jarod 2" (which is another fascinating personal journey). Lazar's story has grown much bigger than Lazar himself, and no one will ever be able to follow all of its threads.

Answering "False" still rubs me the wrong way. I distain finality, and I certainly don't want to attract the attention Lazar's rabid supporters. Instead, I would rather state things in relative terms: Lazar's claims _could_ be true, like the boy crying wolf who eventually encounters a real one, but given the known lies and lack of new information, the joy of exploring the story has dwindled. Life is full of more interesting mysteries.

Glenn Campbell
June 2002


  1. Well, the overriding question in my mind is WHY. Why would a seemingly normal and balanced individual concoct such an elaborate story? Sorry, it just doesn't feel plausible. Some things you must base on intuition and Bob Lazar comes across as an entirely credible and stable individual. I must admit it's amazing that there are so many loose ends that are puzzling. But that does not negate the veracity of Bob Lazar's experiences. In my book, Lazar is the real deal, and those who want to silence him have gone through incredible lengths to do so. And apparently it benefited them more to create doubts in people's minds about Lazar's credibility then to simply put a bullet in his head.

    1. EXACTLY. Also, from his recent Q&A with George Knapp at the 25th anniversary, IUFOC Conference, the way he tells it sounds like he was hired more as a tech/ engineer. Sounds like he has a slight chip on his shoulder towards PhD's, so my guess is that he MAY have lied about his educational background, HOWEVER I do believe he worked at S4. The Connor O'Ryan story corroborates Bob's story to some extent. And no debunker, nor Stan Friedman can convince me Bob was lying. I have an instinct/ 6th sense about these things, and I just KNOW he was telling the truth about his S4 work experience.

    2. If looking at Bobs timeline, he got in money troubles early on. It's my guess that his lie about his educational background stems from that period. He probably embellished his degrees to get work at the time, then either found it convenient to continue lying or found it hard to exit it.

      All previous circumstances around Bob Lazar points to deep military involvement. There's no way around it. It doesn't matter what Stan Friedman says. I've come to realize that a lot of his shtick doesn't compute. And he's highly political to boot. Hardly a man I would consider the be-all-end-all of this matter.

  2. I must concur with Glenn. Bob is not the "real deal," though I do in all honesty wish the reality is different. I'd love to believe in alien contact as would involve a fascinating degree of intrigue and it would in of itself create a more interesting reality for us here on Earth., and perhaps give hope for a better future and society where we could work with these aliens to put behind so many of our social, medical, and technological difficulties and challenges.

    Like Glenn, I struggled with Bob's story for a good couple of years before finally concluding it was fiction. At first, I was impressed by the high degree of detail and consistency of Lazar's story, and setting aside the subject matter itself, it had the ring of truth about it somehow. Bob's payslip, the denial then confirmation of Lazar's employment with Los Angeles (actually Kirk Meyer), Bob's detailed understanding of Area 51 issues (the flights and blacked out buses to get to the base, etc) well before the days of the web when you just could Google all of this information.

    But there is no way of getting around it. Bob didn't work for Los Angeles, he worked for a civilian subcontractor, working on open civilian projects, and he lied about his educational credentials. His inability to remember any names of professors, any names of students, the lack of any photos of him in college yearbooks, etc. all point in that direction.

    That and the ultra-compressed timescale in which he was supposedly hired into the program, read all the briefing materials, and was exposed to the craft etc, is unrealistic. Detailed security clearance would have been necessary at a minimum, and that can take 12-18 months from what I understand. He couldn't have jumped from a civilian open project to the most secret program in America's history just like that. It would have been a momentously wreckless and flagrant breach of even basic security.

    Don't get me wrong. Bob Lazar's story is wonderful, intelligent, and creative. And if you read a little of both sides of the debate, you can easily conclude that he is probably for real. I did too for a while, at least I leaned that way. But the more I read, the more I realised his story, though impressive, didn't really have anything to back it up at all - and many of the claims he's made to back up his story are based upon deception.

    I wish the truth was different, I really do. But Glenn is right. I travelled the same journey - from belief, to suspicion but still believing he might be true (strange aspects and apparent lies, but also evidence his story might be true), to finally conceding there's no solid foundation for this story at all, and even the evidence that does point that way isn't all that strong and in fact, points in the other direction once new data is factored in as well.

    I also share Glenn's frustrations in that some people in the past would blindly believe his story no matter what evidence came forwards, and others would reject it no matter what. They'd always find data to back up their beliefs.

    However, like Glenn - I "want" to believe, and for a time I did - but I no longer do. I would love to have some real, solid data to prove I am wrong, though. Truly.

    1. You are wrong about working at classified DoD projects. I worked on one back in the mid 80's ("Star Wars" - heard of C-Light?), and I actually had the badge and the access BEFORE they had completed the check. And in terms of breaching security, when you are dealing with the black world, they routinely break the law. Look at the people killed to cover up the UFO/ ET reality (yes, it was easier to discredit Bob. And certainly plausible that they erased his background, just like WITSEC does all the time with mafia and corporate whistleblowers, WHEN it serves their purpose). And look at 9/11 - the greatest false flag, criminal, traitorous fraud perpetrated on the American people, EVER. So these folks, who think and act they are above the law, ARE (but only because they also control the guns. Why else do you think they orchestrated Sandy Hook - they want our guns next. DON'T LET THEM GET OUR GUNS!!!

      Finally, look at the corroborating evidence: From Schneider, Corso, Uhouse, Derek Hennesy, and others. Or do what anyone can: fly a Phantom II drone in to the lake to see a hanger door open (at dusk, when a light is on I guess). It'll be a one-way flight...

  3. Drat! I really wish I had proof-read my post before sending it's bits hurtling to Glenn's server for publication. Too many embarrassing typos in there! And no "edit" button to rely on as I so often do on my digital journeys. Oh well - I guess it's too late now. That'll learn me.

    Aside from meaning "Los Alamos" (national lab) where I put "Los Angeles," I think it's possible for folks to decode my meaning in the above post.

    Hey, just consider the extra typos an attempt at comedy, to give you something to giggle at as you read through it all. Hey, maybe that was my intention all along? Who's to say, really...?

    Oh, who am I kidding. I'm no Bob Lazar, I can't spin a good tale...

    I do wish there were more stories like Bob's in the world, though. Sincerely. Real ones, preferably. Perhaps the odd good fake to spice things up. But not too many - it took me years to settle on a conclusion on the veracity of Bob's story. Just imagine if there were 100 Bobs in the world with similarly complex stories to digest and examine - I wouldn't live long enough to be able to process them all and work out which to believe and which to discard! I'd be forced to guess and pick some - and that's just not my style.... I know that works for some people, they call it Religion, but that's not for me....

    Peace all,

  4. So how did Bob get the video of the flying saucer, know the test flights, know Thigpen and show his friends. Can anyone in this forum make me a bet that they can take me to Area 51 and show me flying saucers, then film it, telling me the exact date and time. Just by doing that Bob has proven he worked there and telling the truth. The DNA is in showing his friends the test flights, thats proven, Bob's the real Deal. Glenn should focus his time on moving forward with finding the 22 employeesthat worked with Bob. According to Bob Lazar there were 22 people employed at S-4. On the Art Bell Show he named five of them. Dennis Mariani, Barry Castillo, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Jones, and a female Renee (Last name unknown). George Knapp and others have attempted to locate his coworkers. A Dennis Mariani located in California who died, survived by his daughter, is believed by some to be Bob's Supervisor.

    1. EXACTLY!!! Thank You for spelling it out so succinctly, Tikkydom.
      Other corroborating evidence: Phil's Corso; Schneider, Bill Uhouse, and Derek Hennesy (his detailed recollections of the S4 facility really nailed it for me. And, they murdered him, those cheeky red bastards!

      I think Bob Lazar is a true American (anti-) Hero; He's the MLK for truth about the ET Reality (maybe more a John Lennon? - I am glad they didn't murder him, although they probably now wish they did...). In his idealistic youth, he told us the truth (THANK YOU BOB, You Did the RIGHT THING). And it should be brought into the open. My whole life I wanted to work on UFO's, but the military are a bunch of semi-brained numbskulls, and I need smart colleagues. Still, had I known about this in my 20's, when I was at Hughes, I would have applied to EG&G. My 150 IQ might have helped me solve some of it. In fact, I still may apply, if they'll take a 50 y.o.., as my brain is still excellent!!! Peace out, Tikky!

    2. Actually Bob never worked at Area51 from what I understand. He spent very little time there. Maybe a few hours total in the café before the bus transfer arrived to get him to S4. This whole thing about working at Area51 is a big misconception. I've noticed it's often utilized in propaganda when discussing Lazar or Area51 to confuse the issue.

      So how did Lazar know of super secret S-4 Area? Area 51 was known among researchers for a longer time but not S-4. The only reference to it that I know of is a classified map over that region that was leaked to Greg Bishop by Bill Moore in the late 80s. Area 51 and S-4 was marked on it. Not even Bill was privy to what S-4 was. BUT Bob Lazar was. And could produce a backstory as well as a co-worker to collaborate the story. That is hard to explain away without resorting to fantasy.

  5. I think Bob Lazar was a government's effort and made him look like incredible to put and end on people's curiosity. I believe in the possibility of Earth-like planets presence out there that could have existed thousands or even millions of years ahead of us. Bob Lazar may be fraud but extra terrestrials are not.

  6. Everyone now possess a phone with a camera. Where are the ghost sightings? If I was a medium, I would be explaining the existence of God and what's on the other side, not your brother says hi, he's doing fine! If Mr Lazar's story was true, would aliens be able to be kept from the public?
    Come all this way and hide in Area 51? For what purpose? You're a highly intelligent alien, you arrive, I don't think keeping it a secret would work. Same with the World Trade Center, if foul play was involved by the government, how many people would have been needed to set it up? How do you keep them from talking? Impossible. We need these stories. We are hungry for an answer, even if it's the wrong answer.

    1. Arnie, you need to wake up and look at the evidence. 9/11 was a traitorous crime against America by high-ranking Americans like Dick Cheney. And if they can erase mafia witnesses' backgrounds, the DNI surely can. The evidence doesn't lie, once you start believing it.

    2. Dr. Moebius, you're so obscured by your 0/11 truther nonsense that you let Arnie's entire point fly over your head. He made the excellent point that such elaborate conspiracies would not only have to be perfectly planned and surgically executed, they would inevitably have to employ hundreds if not thousands of different people spread across a laundry list of government agencies foreign and domestic to: manufacture the literal tons of paperwork evidence for years leading up to 9/11, plan the attack, coordinate with NORAD and other military officials, coordinate with the FAA, agents to set up the WTC buildings for demolition, security at these buildings to allow it, and the list is endless. Then every single one of these people would have to keep quiet and not uncover the biggest story of the century. Really? Nixon couldn't even cover-up a break-in at a psychiatrist's office, but you expect us to believe the federal government is so supernaturally adept, that these politicians like Cheney could do all of that? How do you explain regular government fuck-ups that happen all the time? Hurricane Katrina? Hello? None of it makes sense. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      Arnie's point applies perfectly to the UFO conspiracy as well. Again, hundreds, likely thousands and tens of thousands of people across all walks of life would have to be privy to "the truth" in some respect and keep their mouths shut. I guess everyone has just done exactly that over the course of decades upon decades. It makes zero sense and does not reflect a reality where the rest of us reside. Bob Lazar just happened to be the first guy to be bussed at S-4, without a security clearance (that makes NO sense), and had the guts to spill the beans the first chance he got? And the "DNI" covered it up the way WITSEC would create a new identity for those under protection?

      There's no such thing as the "Department of Naval Intelligence" (DNI) which was on the composite of Lazar's badge. It's completely phony. There's an ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) but no DNI. If Lazar graduated with degrees from MIT and CalTech as he claimed, no government agency on the planet could erase the minds and memories of his classmates, professors, or school faculty who would remember someone who earned a Master's at either of these prestigious universities. Not one person has vouched that he was there and Lazar, to my knowledge, has never publicly addressed that obvious lie ever since he compounded it with the other lie that the government erased his records. That's all horseshit. I would suggest you and those who enthusiastically position themselves on Lazar's side of the line consider the idea that wanting something to be true is no reason to believe in it. Lazar never explained his lie, his lie to cover up his lie, and has never shown any actual proof he was employed at any S-4 facility near Papoose Lake. He didn't even have a security clearance! If you know remotely anything about how government works, you know they wouldn't nonchalantly hire a guy to work on the most ultra-classified technology in the history of the Earth without a security clearance, putting him in a room to breeze through a handful of documents revealing the UFO extraterrestrial conspiracy, and leading him to a genuine alien spacecraft. Sorry, makes no sense, the game is over right there.

  7. He said, she said...Neither party has any tangible, substantial proof or documentation indicating that the other is not credible. Its easy to say "not true"...Although I'm a skeptic, in a court of law I believe Lazar would have the jury appeal and win the majority. That doesn't necessarily mean he is truthful...I have worked for the U.S Government with a Top Secret Security Clearance for 0ver 22 years. The Government has inefficiencies in certain areas, but when it comes to the mission, defense classification and can be methodical, calculating, deadly efficient and not to mention...innovative,

  8. I am an MIT graduate. One simply doesn't forget the dates of when you graduated from MIT and I could parade a host of peers who could tell you that I went to MIT with them, I could show you my diploma, I could introduce you to students, you could look up my masters thesis (required for every SM degree offered by MIT) in the MIT library, I could show you photos, you would see time stamped electronic correspondence with my resume, I have graduation photos, etc. etc. etc. I suspect it's much the same for students at Cal Tech. The one area we can say with certainty that he has been dishonest has been his education. He's actually surprisingly convincing - but every time education comes up he waivers and stammers because that is a PROVABLE/DISPROVABLE claim and he knows he's exposed. I leave it to others to decide the veracity of his other claims in light of his obvious deception here.

  9. Why then were so many people able to go and see UFOs on a Wednesday night, craft that did not fit flight characteristics of normal aircraft, as per Bob Lazars advice?

  10. Umm,

    You want more modern evidence?
    Google Maps satellite images available to the public at will.

    Latitude and Longitudes:
    36.89822, -116.04804
    Toran's Area 51, with underground hangers.
    36.949315, -115.958478
    Many high grade fenced "dirt" locations, that appears as though nothing exists there.
    Many white and black only cars in all of these coordinates.
    36.9744, -115.9619
    Many, many camoflauged tunnel entrances with roads leading to them.
    36.968658, -115.955986

    36.947290, -115.967013
    More 50' dirt covered hanger bays with high security around them.

    Many buses for transporting scientists throughout area at: 37 01 40, 115 36 45

    And my favorite, Creech Air Force Base, NW of Las Vegas, uses camoflauged hanger bays, though not as good, except the one on the far left at:
    36.597977, -115.690960

    More camoflauged hangars around S4 and Area 51.
    37.018775, -115.936647

    Then here is more other S4 like sites, 9 hanger bay doors on the slope of the mountains here. All with one road, and steel side entrances.

    37.04603, -115.96924

  11. Glenn, you came to the wrong conclusion. What about the 3 lie detector tests that Bob did pass? The first test was inclusive because the tester said Bob was exhibiting a lot of fear. Sure, his life was being threatened. He was being shot at. His records were being erased. Ok, so I know Bob. I know for a fact that he was telling the truth. I have seen more evidence than I can elaborate on. You are just wrong in this assessment. Sorry.

  12. I think Lazar is telling the truth

  13. Part1
    Many many years since I thoroughly armchair-researched the Lazar case. Sorry if details are wrong and my reasoning seems all over the map, I have forgot most details but the story left me with two things;

    1. Bob Lazar is truthful about his story as he knows it.
    2. Lazar lies about his educational background. The rest is all pretty much peoples likes/dislikes and cherrypicking.

    It's quite hard to get to the bottom of the story. But Lazar had engineering and physics skill highly above level of Junior College. How he got to that level is anybodys guess. He held research jobs at a rather young age. His scientist friends (some of whom he had worked with) considered him a peer scientist, so you tell me...

    It's quite easy to spot when Lazar lies in his speeches in public, because he is not very good at telling lies (that is a good thing as you can tell when he is truthful). In the many early videos/interviews posted where he has no problem talking about events and technical aspects of his case, when it comes to educational background he stumbles, stalls, evades, gets nervous i.e. changes behaviour completely. It's the only part that is so blatantly false from evidence and observation of his mannerisms. The rest is obviously truth to him. He passed 3 (or 4?) polygraph tests. And the one test, that had an inconclusive section, regarded his educational background I seem to faintly remember. No surprises there as that part doesn't hold water.

    There is no history of severe mental/character problems from what I gathered. Lazar had got into money problems early on and declared personal bankruptcy and some people who he owed money to did not take kind of his evasiveness to pay back at the time. They regarded him as being dishonest (and perhaps a con-man) for not paying up. Other people in his life do not share this view about his persona at all. Judging his character from all I've seen, I think he is just pretty much your average "old school" nerd archetype. Lazars naive weakness for good looking women put him in trouble later on (the Brothel court hearings), but such a character flaw is hardly relevant to the Lazar story in whole.

    His claim to be recruited in a black project by Teller has since been corraborated by others who shared the same fate (...and no, I don't refer to, probable liar, Dan Burisch). Actually, a funny thing, Lazars claim to secretly getting a degree at universities and having all traces of it erased was corraborated by a 100% legit scientist that I happened to hear being interviewed just a year ago (NOT Burisch). Can't remember the scientist name (since I don't keep any notes and really only care to know that it's true) but it was completely unrelated to Lazar. I remember this scientists explanation that the records was kept completely outside of the usual enrollment databases and there was no ceremony, just a framed diploma to prove it. So this strategy is feasible and is sometimes used in the black world. Thought I'd mention it, because I see criticism that this claim is somehow outrageous and impossible, which is false. How often this strategy is used and if it's viable in Lazars case, I do not know.

  14. Part2
    Lazars involvement with the military is highly probable at this point IMO. Lazar worked at Los Alamos with a Q clearance. Hence Lazars background was enough to get him working in a highly restricted civilian area at the time. It is perfectly plausible that this job + good interviews at EG&G was enough to land him a job at the A51 base. Why he got on S4 within 3 months, and didn't have to wait for security reasons, is anybodys guess. Maybe it was specific to the situation where he explained that they were short of staff because of a prior accident in the S4-lab. Maybe not. Who knows.

    Lazar is 100% right about all details of Area51 and S4 that Knapp has been able to ask about and corroborate. He has obviously been there. No question. And A51 and S4 is not open for tourists. Lazar must have worked there.

    Knapp has met with Barry, his coworker at S4 and was content with that meeting albeit Barry has never said anything publicly.

    The story is continuously laden with heavy military involvement, often observed by Lazars closest friends. Strange phone-calls, his run-ins at the casino with his boss Dennis, the wire-tapping, the extreme military presence when he later faced criminal charges at the brothel - years after the Lazar story had surfaced...and on and on. It's obvious to me Lazar was once employed by the black project military because of the continuous military interest. If he was just your average joe, going around telling stories, the military wouldn't care. There are lots of those around and military doesn't care as long as it isn't stolen valor. IMO the military is still interested in Lazar since he really did once sign secrecy oaths and was privy to highly classified material. (Most, if not all, of his basic story might then also be true.) When people sign these secrecy oaths, they are being continuously monitored if they later leave their jobs. This happens to all others if you look into it. It is standard practice to keep track of leaks. What Edward Snowden leaked about black budgets showed that astronomical sums are spent every year in order to plug leaks and preserve secrecy. More than most could imagine.

    I apologize for being somewhat incoherent and the text is missing details, I know...but maybe it helped someone.

  15. Part3
    Also, I'd like to post this link to a rather new video with Richard Dolan that almost 100% corraborates Lazars experiences at Area51 and S4. Here Dolan does a deathbed confession interview with an alleged former CIA official. I trust that Dolan did his homework on this one since he is a historian.

    (If link doesn't work, try search words dolan, deathbed, cia, official)

  16. Some just don't know how the Black World works. I'm not in it but am related to someone that is and everything Lazar said all those years ago to Art Bell and George Knapp and Norry is exactly how the black world works. I believe and actually know, but don't have same courage Bob did to reveal why.

  17. How do we know YOU worked at area 51, Glenn? How can you attack a man "with no physical proof" when you have no proof yourself? Why waste your time debunking his story? Sounds like you have a lot of time on your hands or you are jealous of Lazar and want to gain Internet popularity by trolling him? You are clearly no journalist (you have no source for your claims), a purported former area 51 employee, and you seem to get off on hating on a man with what appears to be a legitam it story. Please clarify your bold accusations with supported facts (to clarify this it means to find a reputable source and have them backup your statements), and please answer me what do you have to gain from publishing this on the internet? If you were trying to debunk Lazar's story you most likely just emboldened it's believers by making off the cuff claims in a non reputable trolling fashion.

    1. Glenn is/was the leading authority on the theories surrounding Area 51. He never has claimed to work for Area 51 so I don't know were you got that from?

      I would go as far to say that he has researched the base more than any other civilian, so his opinion, wether he believed Bob Lazar or not matters.

  18. 1. He wasnt a physicist at LANL. He was working there as a contractor when he founded "Lazar Energy Systems". He was the primary contractor for repairing radiation detector equipment at Los Alamos.

    2. I believe he went to Area 51 and even S4 also on contract work related to the radiation detector equipment.

    3. I believe he gained knowledge of the saucers not in first person but from someone who actualy was working on them.

  19. All I got to say is this a load of crap One win for Laser none for disbelievers ever seen area 51 and flying saucers he proved every thing he got a physics degree from cal tech worked at Los Alamos him and Jeremy proved all this who can keep yo with a lie this long and no one be able to pick it apart