Wednesday, November 26, 2008

YouTube: Campbell Tampers with Sensor

Glenn Campbell is caught tampering with a sensor in an ancient YouTube video posted on alt.conspiracy.area51...

Area 51 - Rare Footage (on YouTube Australia, 5:20)

It apparently comes from a TV show, but I can't identify it.

Also provided in the same posting, was a YouTube excerpt from the Bruce Burgess show, discussing the Janet flights...

I don't actually have the patience to watch these videos (The 7 minutes is more than I can spare.) but I did FF through them. They both seem rather quaint at this point. I hardly recognize the guy in the first video. He must be the previous occupant of my "container."

Whether Campbell engaged in "tampering" is academic. He is shown unplugging one of the wires, but he seems to plug it back in again. He vehemently denies "tampering" in his 11/26 response to the posting above (before watching the video).
For the record, I have never tampered with any road sensor, just noted them, published their locations, pointed them out to TV crews, etc. Part of my mantra was never to break the law so the authorities would never have anything to get me on. I was informally studying the law at the time. I'd go right up to the line (whatever that legal line was) but never cross it.

It was always much more amusing to me to know where the sensors were (and complain to the BLM about them) than to steal them....

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