Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Sad State of the Area 51 Research Center

On November 6, I visited the actual town of Rachel for the first time in years. As others have told me, the trailer that once housed the Area 51 Research Center is now gone. Only the fence posts and a few trinkets in the front yard remain.

More photos from the Nov. 6 visit can be found in this album.

In the photo above, I note with pride that the bush in the middle of the photo is mine. It is a Big Sage plant (Artemisia tridentata) not native to this valley and that I transported as a sprout from about 50 miles away.

I sold the trailer long ago, but it remained in place for a while. I was told by Freqmeister that someone purchased the trailer park, then evicted everyone, intending to renovate it and reopen it. In the process however, the park lost its grandfather clause on code issues and couldn't be reopened without costly improvements. The same thing happened to the derelict gas station nearby. So now there is only one business left in town: the Little A'Le'Inn.

Here was the Research Center in its heyday....

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