Monday, October 13, 2008

Triangular Craft Sighted Near Area 51

I took this photo myself on Tikaboo Peak a week ago. I cannot say what the triangular object is, but I guarantee that the photo itself is authentic and unretouched. The image above shows the object in it's maximum resolution (one pixel on your screen for every pixel on my camera). Here is the entire scene, cropped slightly from the raw image...
This photo was taken at 11:56am on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008. According to information coded on the JPG, the camera aperture was f14; the shutter speed was 1/500 sec., and the ASA was 400. The entire raw image is 2592 x 3888 pixels and over 4mg in size (too big to post here). The mountain just to the left of the man's head is Bald Mountain, so we a looking roughly northwest. Here is a medium view...
You can click on the image above to see it in maximum detail.
Other than cropping the above image, I DID NOT ALTER IT IN ANY WAY.

The witnesses to the sighting were myself and the two people shown above: a visitor from Utah, Kevin, and his 8-year-old son, John Charles.

Alien craft? Advanced military test vehicle? You decide.

Update, 10/14

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Also see my follow-up posting the next day.


  1. Kevin here, as in the guy in the picture.

    It may be relevant to post that a short bit before this photo was taken, we saw a B-2 way closer than that. It flew over the ridge we climbed and was showing us it's underbelly until it leveled off and went to the horizon.

    Glenn didn't have his camera ready at that point, so we don't have any photos, but it was cool.

  2. What was the focal lenfth of the lens?

  3. Wow guys .... that thing "rocks" !!! You really "threw" me there ... :-)

  4. Two ideas come to mind here. One is you are seeing the X-45C in the flesh. I believe only mock-ups of the C rev have been shown, so the real thing might look like your object.

    The other thing to keep in mind is the UK has been testing at China Lake, and has a squad at Creech. It is possible the UK is doing testing at Groom Lake.

    As you know, anything they fly in daylight is not a secret per se. That is, you can watch it fly, the airframe is known, but there may be a funny pod or some other feature on the plane that is being tested.

  5. In response to questions, I want to provide some more information on my triangular craft sighting. The sighting was very brief, maybe 2-4 seconds, but this is what I know:

    The craft was virtually silent: no jet noise, no hum, no sonic boom. It was traveling roughly in a northwest direction (about the same vector at Highway 375 in the Tikaboo Valley). The trajectory was parabolic. The craft appeared to accelerate at approximately 1G during flight, which would have made it nearly weightless. The occupants, if any, would have experienced almost no gravity until the end of the journey, when they would have been crushed by the accumulated inertia (at least according to Earth physics). No human could be piloting that craft and survive. Who then?

  6. That is a great photo. Very clear and it really contains a lot of detail. I wonder if this craft is testing a magma drive of some kind.

  7. The big dude in the foreground has got a good swing in him looks like...

  8. Funny, when I saw the first photo, I thought, "Holy crap -- The (real) B-2 we saw on the hike was black, what the heck is this?" It took me about 2 seconds (and the 2nd picture!) to remember we were hucking rocks off the cliff.

    I'm convinced Glenn couldn't capture a rock in flight like this again in a hundred years. What a fun picture.

    My kids (one is in the photo) were so excited when I showed them some of the original and follow up posts.

    Of course, the 8 year old looked at the pictures and said -- "that looks like a rock to me, Dad". So, ok, he had some context, but he's 8 YEARS OLD!

    Glenn -- great accidental photo and I hope everybody knows this was too good not to be posted.

  9. On another note, I highly recommend Glenn Campbell's guide services if you want to see Area 51. My boys and I had a great day with him, listening to stories and hiking up the mountain.

    We saw a real B-2, a tarantula and can now say we're one of the few people who have seen Area 51 from Tikaboo peak and lived.

    As 4 'men' seeking the truth about Area 51, it was a great expedition, and we were able to take a whiz anywhere we wanted.

  10. Hee...The DLR response is hilarious. Predictable, and hilarious. It's like ATS that has moved out of their parents' house.

    Nice job, Mr Campbell Sir!


    You were the "OPERATION" game voice?
    Yes. Take out wrenched ankle.

  11. you trough a rock in the air than took a picture of it