Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bob Lazar on MySpace?

"The Bob" has turned up on MySpace, and he has lots of friends.

Is it the "real" Bob? You decide.

A deeper question is: Was there EVER a real Bob?

Does Bob really own Bob, or is he part of the public domain? Why can't we ALL contribute to The Bob and make him what we want him to be?

Let's all support an "open source" Bob!

(Link courtesy of Agent Zero.)


  1. No way is that our "Bob"!

  2. He doesn't live in Vegas now... He hasn't for a long time.

  3. I am an Artist. I paint and sculpt.I made the Bob Lazar paper-weights
    The Area 51 Research Center used to sell for Glenn Campbell back in
    1990-95 and was curious about the authenticity or expose' of his
    When he provided GPS and sat photos in his site,there were blurred
    and vague,with roads drawn-on and no surface detail.
    NOW, we have Google Earth that takes you there to look for yourself
    and I have found there is for sure nothing there but deep-rooted joshua trees that don`t slide on hanger doors with no incline.